Remove Chewing Gum from Subway & Train Stations
with Gum Exterminator® Chewing Gum Removal Equipment

Removing chewing gum in train terminals, subway stations, bus stations, and other public transportation facilities is a difficult task. These areas are subject to large amounts of traffic. Discarded chewing gum does not just lie on the ground, it gets stepped on and ground into the surface. To make matters worse, subways and train terminals are common places where people often chew gum and carelessly dispose of it on walls, concrete floors, and other surfaces. To tackle this demanding gum removal application, you need to invest in quality chewing gum removal machines from Daimer®.

Daimer®'s chewing gum removal equipment quickly and efficiently removes chewing wads, enabling maintenance workers to remove as much as hundreds of pieces of gum per day. The line of Gum-Exterminator® gum cleaner machines use steam power, as well as extraction power, to remove gum deposits from concrete, brick, walls, flooring, sidewalks, and a host of other surfaces. Even wads that may be very old and hardened can be dissolved quickly with Gum-Exterminator® gum cleaners.

Each Gum-Exterminator® chewing gum cleaner uses super-heated steam and a specialized Gum-Exterminator® liquid to soften and dissolve gum residues, rendering them easy to remove. Then operators simply agitate with the extra-long, heavy-duty stainless steel brush included with each gum cleaner and extract the residues with the attached vacuum. The result - surfaces in train, bus, and subway stations are left clean and gum free.

When selecting a gum removal machine for demanding applications in public transportation facilities, quality is key. Demanding, frequent applications place heavy demands on gum cleaners. Daimer® is well known for high quality cleaning machines, and has now translated that quality to gum cleaner machines. Each chewing gum cleaner by Daimer® boasts a rugged boiler with a lifetime warranty and a replaceable heating rod. The Gum-Exterminator® brushes are composed of stainless steel; and each brush is threaded to ensure it stays in place throughout the duration of the gum removal application. Lastly, every system comes standard with continuous refill technology to enable operators to work non-stop.

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