Gum Dissolving Liquid is the Most Important Factor in Gum Removal

A top-notch gum removal system offers high pressure and temperatures;
however, an effective dissolving chemical remains key
for removing gum wads quickly and effectively.

chewing gum removal

When selecting a chewing gum removal system, savvy buyers consider three criteria: boiler temperature, steam pressure and the quality of a machine's gum dissolving liquid.

Daimer®, the supplier of North America's most powerful gum extraction equipment, offers 12 advanced KleenJet® GUM EXTERMINATOR® machines. These machines surpass the temperatures, pressure levels and productivity features of other equipment currently available. For example, the top-rated KleenJet® 5000CVG GUM EXTERMINATOR® system supports a direct water feed that allows for automated refill without human intervention.

But the one crucial feature that separates the KleenJet® line from others: the proprietary GUM EXTERMINATOR® Liquid available only from Daimer®.

Powerful, Dissolving Chemicals

chewing gum removal

Daimer® engineered its proprietary gum removal liquid to dissolve up to 500 gum wads per day- even those decades old - from sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, indoor surfaces and more.

The formula is super-concentrated and creates 11 gallons of finished product from a single gallon. Daimer® ships 4 gallons of the concentrate with each machine for a total of 44 gallons of finished gum dissolving formula, up to 6 times more than competing systems.

More Advanced Technology

Every Daimer® GUM EXTERMINATOR® machine incorporates a complete chewing gum removal subsystem that includes a dual-bladed squeegee, an over-sized stainless-steel brushes and proprietary gum removal liquid. By combining this liquid with high boiler temperatures and pressure levels, these systems offer the most powerful gum removing solution currently available.

The Daimer® machines can perform double duty as steam cleaners for use on floors, tile and grout, upholstery and other surfaces. The machines include: integrated wet/dry vacuums that eliminate the need for hand wiping; advanced filtration systems for trapping allergens, odors and other noxious substances; and life time boiler warranties.

antibacterial steam cleaner, antibacterial steam cleaners

The systems can also be purchased with Daimer®'s antibacterial ATIS®.

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