Application Advice: Chewing Gum Removal in Shopping Malls
with Daimer® Gum Exterminator® Machines

Shopping malls attract huge crowds, especially on weekends and holidays. Unfortunately, many of these people chew gum while they shop and do not dispose of it properly. This large quantity of discarded chewing gum sticks to walls, floors, sidewalks, building exteriors, and a number of other places, ruining the appeal of the shopping facility. Rather than deterring customers with sticky chewing gum deposits, welcome them into your store or shopping mall with a clean atmosphere, thanks to DaimerŽ's Gum-ExterminatorŽ gum removing machines.

Gum removal at malls is big business for cleaning professionals. To save money, many shopping mall maintenance workers are cleaning up gum deposits on their own with gum removing equipment. To provide the best gum removing systems to cleaning professionals and maintenance works alike, DaimerŽ offers a host of features and technologies with each chewing gum removal machine.

Most gum removal machines offered by other suppliers are simply ordinary steam cleaners. While conventional steam cleaners are powerful cleaning machines, they are not designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty, chewing gum removing applications. Fortunately, chewing gum removal equipment from DaimerŽ is vastly different from these steam cleaners and is designed for commercial use.

The chewing gum removing machines by DaimerŽ offer high steam temperatures and a highly concentrated Gum-ExterminatorŽ Liquid that work together to dissolve gum wads. The included stainless steel brush is threaded, ensuring that it remains fixed to the gum tool to agitate and loosen even the hardest gum residues. Finally, the operator can extract all residues completely with the attached vacuum. This gum removing process enables mall maintenance workers to remove as much as hundreds of pieces of gum per day.

Why not attract customers to your shopping mall with a clean, welcoming environment, rather than detract them with a host of gum stained surfaces? Learn more about the benefits of the best gum removing machines at DaimerŽ.

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