Gum Removal Machines by Daimer®

Daimer Industries® is renowned for its adherence to the following principles: quality, power, and versatility. Each cleaning machine offered by Daimer® embodies these three ideals with high quality components and composition, advanced features for enhanced cleaning power, and the versatile ability to tackle a range of applications. To further meet the versatile needs of its customers, Daimer® now offers two different types of chewing gum removing equipment "dry" steam cleaners for chewing gum removal and wet steam gum removing pressure washers.

gum removal, chewing gum removal
wet steam gum removal, wet steam chewing gum removal

Gum Removal Machines:

Dry Steam vs. Wet Steam Comparison


  Dry Steam Cleaners Wet Steam Pressure Washers
  gum removal, chewing gum removal wet steam pressure washer, wet steam pressure washers

Temp. Options


Tri-mode systems: cold water, hot water & wet steam;
Steam-only systems: wet steam

Steam Temp.

Up to 369°F

Up to 330°F

Steam Flow

"Dry" vapor steam, 5% water content (Ideal for low water situations)

Wet steam, up to 5 GPM (Requires adequate water supply)


Up to 120 psi

1000 psi, up to 4000 psi


Attached vacuum included


Continuous Use



HEPA Filter

Free Bonus - $50 Value


Water Filtration

Free Bonus - $300 Value



Stainless Steel

Powder-coated, chip/chemical resistant steel

Sample Applications

Gum removal, kitchen & restaurant cleaning, bathroom cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, spot carpet cleaning, detailing interior car hard surfaces, disinfecting & sanitizing (with ATIS® technology), killing bed bugs, cleaning & defrosting freezers & refrigerators, hospital cleaning & sanitization, window cleaning, and many more!

High-powered gum removal, degreasing, graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, brick cleaning, building cleaning, detailing car exteriors (max pressure level of 1500 psi), post construction cleaning, wet sandblasting (with the sandblaster kit), road cleanup, washing airplanes, restaurant pressure washing, cleaning industrial equipment and flooring, and many more!

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gum removing equipment

gum removal, chewing gum removal

chewing gum removal, gum removal

gum removal, chewing gum removal