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What to Look for When Buying a Chewing Gum Removal Machine

To ensure you purchase the best gum cleaning equipment available, it is best to select a high-quality steam system from Daimer®. Let's take a look at the factors that set Daimer®'s gum cleaning machines a step above the rest.

  • Top Grade Components: Quality gum removal machines, like the Gum Exterminator® 1000CVG from Daimer®, are ruggedly built from high-quality materials and components. Daimer® offers rugged stainless steel and durable, hard plastic casings alongside heavy-duty, self-cleaning stainless steel boilers with a lifetime warranty.

  • High Steam Temperatures: Gum-Exterminator gum cleaning equipment generates steam at extremely high temperatures up to 369ºF. The super-heated steam aids chewing gum removal by dissolving gum wads, making these deposits easy to extract.

  • Concentrated Gum Removal Solution: Daimer®'s highly concentrated Gum-Exterminator® Liquid works with the gum cleaning machines to soften and dissolve chewing gum residues. This new formula is 40% more concentrated than its predecessor, making up to 11 gallons of solution per gallon of Gum-Exterminator® Liquid. The formulation is homogeneous and biodegradable.

  • Extra-Long Life Stainless Steel Brush: Gum Exterminator® steam cleaners with chewing gum removal capabilities come with a specialized stainless steel brush that is used to agitate hard and old gum wads. What makes these brushes unique is their heavy-duty design and threaded fitting that solidly fixes the brush into place throughout the duration of cleaning.

  • Simultaneous Vacuum Extraction: Daimer®'s gum cleaning machines boast simultaneous extraction to vacuum moisture and gum residues while cleaning. Without vacuum extraction, dissolved gum would remain on surfaces, leading to re-deposition.

In addition to these factors, Daimer® also offers advanced technologies with its chewing gum cleaning equipment. For example, every Gum-Exterminator® chewing gum removal machine boasts continuous refill technology for non-stop cleaning. Select chewing gum cleaning machines include ATIS® anti-bacterial technology, to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

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