Gum Removal Business Opportunities – Cinemas & Theaters

Starting a chewing gum removal business can be a tremendous opportunity. But, it does come with its share of challenges. One particular challenge a gum removal business can face is in finding qualified leads.

The first place to look is at high-traffic businesses that may experience a lot of litter and chewing gum disposal. Cinemas and theaters are two great examples of businesses that serve thousands of customers a day, who may improperly dispose of chewing gum on concrete, sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces. Since these facilities operate for long periods of time, they simply may not have the time or the man power to tackle to tough job of chewing gum removal. This is where you come to the rescue with your proficient, rugged chewing gum removal equipment from Daimer Industries®.

Chewing Gum Removal Machines

Prior to seeking qualified customers, you must first purchase the most powerful, highest productivity, highest quality chewing gum removal machines. Cleaning professionals across the industry agree that Daimer Industries® is your source. In fact, Daimer®'s expertise in chewing gum removal has led to the release of two different types of gum removal systems: wet steam pressure washers and dry vapor steam cleaners.

Wet steam pressure washers, like the the Super Max 7000, are designed to rapidly dissolve and blast away the toughest gum wads from concrete, brick, and other exterior hard surfaces. These machines combine the power of high-temperature wet steam and highly pressurized output to rid surfaces of hardened gum wads.

Conversely, a dry steam chewing gum removal machines works by dissolving the tough gum wads with a pairing of high temperature dry steam and a cleaning solution. Operators then agitate the wad, which is then extracted completely into the attached vacuum chamber. For complete gum removal capabilities and non-stop use, when paired with Daimer®'s exclusive Continuous Refill Technology, opt for the KleenJet® line of dry steam chewing gum removers.


Expand Your Gum Removal Business Opportunities

When starting a chewing gum removal business, don't limit yourself. With such powerful equipment in your arsenal, expand your offerings to include other cleaning services. After all, this can only turn greater profits.

To enable customers to do so, Daimer® has incorporated the most advanced cleaning technologies in its top line of KleenJet® steam cleaners. Available on all CVGP gum cleaning machines is ATIS® technology – a revolutionary anti-bacterial technology that works to eliminate more than 99% of harmful bacteria on surfaces. Don't just remove gum, sanitize surfaces, as well. Better yet, these multi-purpose machines can be used for a number of different cleaning applications.

When selecting chewing gum cleaning machines for your gum removal business, remember that Daimer® offers the most technologically-advanced, feature-rich, high-quality systems in the industry.

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